Jennifer Connelly is an award winning actress that acted in Beautiful Mind, Requiem for a Dream, The Hulk and much more.

Connelly was born in the year 1970 in New York, and she started as a model at a tender age of ten before proceeding to act. Connelly has been a role model to many young girls out there from the time she won the best actress for A Beautiful Mind. Connelly talent was discovered at an early stage of her life. She started modeling from when she was just ten years of age. The first movie she acted was in 1984 which was titled Once Upon A Time in America, and this was just when she is eleven years and have appeared in several movies ever since then. The fame from her roles, she decided to advance her studies by attending Yale University before proceeding to the University of Stanford to study drama. All of this helps her to turn to that mature actress from her teenage roles successfully.

Connelly Major Roles and Career
(Left to right) Jennifer Connelly is Naameh and Russell Crowe is Noah in NOAH from Paramount Pictures and Regency Enterprises.

Though she was very successful in her early stage of acting Connelly was still unnoticed in the industry, and was well know by the year 2000 when he performed in Requiem for a Dream which was a movie from a novel with that same name. She played a role of an aspiring fashion designer which went into prostitution as a result of her addict to hard drugs. Connelly was also praised for her role in beautiful mind, which won the best award and have won many awards ever since then. From the success of Beautiful mind and others movies, Connelly still acted in     The Hulk, where she acted the role of a drug addict.

  • She started modeling when she was just ten years of age, which encourage much more girls around today that they can be successful when they do what they love.
  • She acted her first movie around 1984, in the movies once Upon a Time in America. This was just here first television appearance at the age of fourteen.
  • She had a lead role in 1985 in the movie Seven Minutes in Heaven. This film does a great work by giving her the exposure she needed.
  • The break she took from acting in 1988 show other aspiring actress and models that education can help advance their career.
  • In Requiem for a Dream, she acted in 2000 was one of the movies that show what she has to offer to the industry, where she played the role of a woman who got addicted and later became a prostitute due to her addiction.
  • Connelly plays the role of a female which was haunted by what she did in the past in the movie titled Dark Water in 2005.
  • Aside performances in the films like Reservation Road which was released in 2007, Noah and the Dilemma that was published in 2011. Connelly still involves herself in projects outside of the acting. She became an Ambassador of Human Right for Amnesty International. She has been a spokesmodel for Shiseido and Revlon.

From the time she started as a young girl in the world of acting and modeling, Connelly has grown to be a world-renowned actress of her time. And she has been mentioned as been one of the most beautiful women in the world by one Los Angeles Publication. Connelly has shown many ladies out there that they can be successful in whatsoever they decide to do when they are dedicated.