Snowpiercer: One Of The Most Anticipated 2019 TV Series

Following Jennifer Connelly´s astounding career is not easy, but the news about the new “Snowpiercer” incarnation with her on top of the cast is nothing but exciting. If you are just anxious as I am to watch her work, her magic on screen keep on reading and find out all you need to know about this great upcoming TV series.

The Plot

The world has become a frozen land and there are only a few human remnants wandering around the globe in a train that is perpetually going. The train is where the series got its name, since it is called “The Snowpiercer”. It is a gigantic train in which people live and common human dynamics are explored in the extreme of human existence. All sorts of questioning over topics such as social injustice, warfare and the politics of surviving are handled while travelling.

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Delays And Problems

Although the series has been in its developing stages for four years (production efforts started in 2015 when Marty Adelstein optioned the rights for the story), there have been many delays and internal problems.

TNT, Bong Joon-ho, Josh Friedman, Adelstein and Scott Derrickson set out to create, direct and shoot a pilot about the series that was going to be showing soon. By May 2017, everything was set and Derrickson was to direct Josh Friedman´s piece.

Fast forward to 2019 Derrickson and Friedman are gone from the show and in their places are Graeme Manson and James Hawes. Netflix bought the rights to the international streaming of the series all over the world and the filming of the pilot ended in January 2019.

The Cast

Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs play the leading roles in the series. Along with them are Mickey Sumner, Melanie Basso and many other great actors.

Jennifer´s character is called Melanie Cavill and is a first-class passenger in the train. She also is the main voice of the PA speakers of the vehicle and is in charge of making all the announcements while on board. Unlike many of the other passengers that share her privileges, she is curious and fascinated at the same time by those passengers travelling with them in cheaper, lower classes. It is almost like Kate Winslet in Titanic, who developed an interest for lower classes passengers.

Daveed Diggs´ character is called Layton Well and he is a prisoner barely making it while taking heavy dose of chronole which is the drug available in that time. He is a quiet thinker with a cage of rats and reluctant to but participating in a struggle that could end all life in the train.


It is always great news knowing that Jennifer is going to be back on the screen. All the additions that this series brings to that fact along with a great script make it one of the most important TV screenings of the current season. Stay tuned to follow the amazing career of this beautiful and talented actress.

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