Top Gun Maverick – All You Need To Know About This 2020 Upcoming Blockbuster

Tom Cruise and breathtaking stunts are almost synonymous and when it comes to the most anticipated movie of Cruise in 2020, it is hard to contain the excitement for Top Gun: Maverick. Those who have been following Cruise since his initial years in Hollywood film industry would surely try to find a connection between the 1986 movie Top Gun where he starred with Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis.

But as much as you can speculate the 2020 movie as the sequel of the 1986 film, the trailer creating great buzz looks fresh as new.

On Thursday, 18th July, Paramount Pictures in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Skydance released the official trailer of 2:12 minutes on the very first day of the San Diego Comic Con this year. Cruise took the Hall H stage to confirm officially of the Top Gun sequel that would hit the stage after around 34 years since the first movie.

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Release Date

Starring Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, Lewis Pullman and Ed Harris, the film features everything from oh-so-awesome aerial acrobatics to the original score of the 1986 Top Gun that evokes goosebumps. The “love letter to aviation”, as Cruise called it at SDCC, was to be released on 12th July this year but due to some technical delays, it is scheduled to hit the theatres on 26th June next year.

Tom indicated about this sequel back in 2017 and with the delay in release of the movie fans can hope that the extra time proves to be fruitful to filmmakers in perfecting the flight sequence logistics, VFX and more. The baton is passed to Joseph Kosinski from Director Tony Scott who died in 2012 and the composer duo comprises of Hans Zimmerman and Harol Faltermeyer who was behind the original score for the 1986 film.

 The Trailer And Cast –What To Make Of It

From the trailer, you cannot make out the events occurred between the two movies of Top Gun franchise but as it seems, the commander (played by Ed Harris) is all set to push Maverick to some challenging leadership and even appoint him for the post of admiral. Even after such a long timeline gap, Tom appears in the movie not a year old in that trademark flight jacket and fans are definitely happy about it. It is also clear that Maverick has not changed his demeanor of challenging authority and the commander also tells him how he stood in front of him as a captain while his career trajectory would make him 2-star admiral.

Fans of the ’86 movie have still a sore spot for the heartbreaking death of Goose and the 2020 movie somewhat ominously shows a funeral scene although nothing more about that episode can be made out. The fight for “Top Gun” title at US Navy Fighter Weapons School from Miramar, San Diego might be continued as Maverick and Iceman (played by Val Kilmer) faces each other. The need for speed, as experienced by Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, played by Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards respectively comes alive will the follow-up movie, especially with the arrival of Miler Teller who plays the son of Goose and a trainee under flight instructor Maverick. After the success of Snowpiercer, Jennifer Connelly appears in the film as a single mother and female lead who owns a bar by the naval base. For the character of another flight trainee, you can see Glen Powell and Manny Jacinto (The Good Place fame) is cast for Pilot Fritz.

On 30th May 2018, the production of Top Gun: Maverick was started in San Diego and during middle week in February, 2019, the film crew were seen at the NAS North Island. Until 15th April this year, the photography wrap was scheduled. From sharp flight actions that make you skip a heartbeat to Maverick racing in his bike beside a fighter plane –fans have sky-high hopes for this 2020 sequel of Top Gun.

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