8 Reasons We Adore Jennifer Connelly And Why You Should

Jennifer Connelly is a woman who has given the whole world the reason to be proud of her. She posses the attitude that a woman can impress the entire world if only she commits herself to do what she loves best and so do men. Right from childhood, she won the hearts of many with her career as a model. For those who haven’t heard of this world`s star in the entertainment industry, I must admit that you have missed out indeed. Jennifer is an actress from America. The beautiful, leading actress knows what it is to win an award and Yes! She deserves all the awards that have come her way and fame of course. It’s the like of Jennifer that has been drawing the attention of the masses in the entertainment Industry.

And what is life without entertainment, laughter and good memories? Well.., Jennifer Connelly has devoted her life by adding value to the life of others. How? Just to answer you, her roles as an actor, a model you name it are impressive and she has the charm of stealing your imagination and tuning you mind to where she wants you to focus. It seems so real and the situation is exciting. Her character leaves no room for boredom.

However, those are not the only reasons why we adore Jennifer. Absolutely Not! She has proven herself in 101 ways that she is adorable indeed. Once you get to know her better, you won’t help liking her. Take my hand as I give you 8 incredible reasons why people love the American Actress.

Unique Character

Unlike most people, Jennifer Connelly pursued her childhood ambition. It’s only a small percentage of people who follow their dreams or if you like, it’s only few people who know what they want to do when they grow up and start practicing when they are too young. In Jennifer’s case, she started her carriers as a model when so young and it was amazing how she mastered the skills so quickly. At a very tender age, her talent and beauty couldn’t go unnoticed. As a result, she started modeling when she was only 10 and managed to appear on Magazine covers for instance Muppet and Seventeen Magazine. In fact, Jennifer`s first film was Once Upon A time In America in the year 1984, by then she was only 11. From the look of things, she made key achievements right from her childhood and we could help liking her.

Growl Boyz Fan

Growl Boyz
Growl Boyz

Jennifer is extremely keen of seeing what Growl Boyz is all about once it finally releases. Her previous involvement in promotion of Perps Caught brought her a lot of attention from LGBT scene and now there is continuation of cooperation. To find out what Growl Boyz series will be about check this link (project closed).

Missionary Boys Adept

Missionary Boys
Missionary Boys

Watching this series can give you a lot of ideas on what kind of entertainment some men like. Fantasies executed in Missionary Boys project are gay ones and the database is over 500+ episodes long.

High Level Of Intelligence

Jennifer led a very busy life since she was a child model & actor. Despite everything, she excelled in her education and went to Brooklyn`s esteemed Sr. Ann`s School and later Yale University. Her intelligence marveled everyone who knew her.

Impressive Performance In The 2000 Film Requiem For A Dream

In this film, Jennifer played the role of Marion Silver who was an addict to heroin as well as an upcoming fashion designer. Marion does prostitution in order to meet her addiction needs. This performance earned praise for Jennifer since it was impressive. Since then, she has never stopped surprising the masses with her expertise when it comes to acting.

Award Winning

This beautiful queen has won over 10 separate awards/ honors as a result of her incredible performance. This includes Academy and Golden Globe award. We must admit that winning 10 honors isn’t an easy thing, one need to do the very best and this is exactly what Jennifer has been doing over the years.

Contribution Into Other Projects

It’s hard to believe that anyone with such a busy schedule would have the time to engage into other projects. Connelly being an all-round person was appointed as human rights education diplomat for Amnesty International. She still became a diplomat for save the children fund. As if that’s not enough, she at one time was spokes- model for Revlon, Shiseido and Balenciaga.

A Wonderful Mother And Wife

It is hard to believe how one person would work around the clock entertaining people in different films and still be a good family woman. While it may seem impossible, Connelly thinks the opposite. She has been such an adorable mum Kai, Stellan & Agnes Lark and a great wife to Paul Bettany a gorgeous Mind co-star.

Humble Nature

Despite all the fame and money that comes with being an actor and a model, the actress remains humble and can associate with anyone, a character which most actors and actress lacks. She is a darling to her fans and you can’t help admiring her.

Real Personality

She has many times admitted of having some rough times in her career. However, that has not prevented her from being positive and doing everything possible to outshine her limitation. theguardian.com

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